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We need 0.7 - 1.0 oz (20-30 ml) of breast milk for one to two pieces of jewelry. For several pieces of jewelry, we need 1.0 - 1.3 oz (30-40 ml) of breast milk.

The milk does not have to be pumped out all at once. You can pump several times until you get the required amount. The breast milk will still be perfectly suitable for creating breast milk jewelry. Please store them in a closed container in the refrigerator until they are shipped.

Since the milk does not have to be suitable for consumption, it does not matter how old the milk is.

The only requirements are that it should not be moldy and it should have been continuously refrigerated or frozen until time of shipment.

Try not to bend or fold the hair at all, otherwise we will have to cast it with the kink in. It's best to pack it in a small bag or aluminum foil and send it along with the milk in an envelope (detailed description under Order Processing).

We always send anything leftover back with the jewelry. Please never send the whole umbilicial cord. Just cut off a piece (about the size of a little fingernail). Please note, if you want to have only the light part of the umbilical cord incorporated, we need a piece of that part. If you want to have the darker part of the umbilical cord incorporated, then send us a piece of that part.


If you order gold-plated jewelry, the layers of the gold-plating can wear off after a period of time, until the piece of jewelry is eventually completely silver. The core is made of 925 sterling silver.

We recommend pieces of jewelry made of 925 sterling silver or real gold, especially when worn regularly. These retain their color and can be worn regularly without becoming tarnished.

In the future we would like to offer only jewelry that will accompany you throughout your life. That's why we only offer high quality 925 sterling silver or real gold in different alloys.

You can do everything in everyday life with your breast milk jewelry and you are not limited. You should only be careful with cosmetics. We also send care instructions with your order that you should follow if you want your jewelry to look like new for a long time. Of course, breastmilk jewelry, like any other jewelry, can get signs of wear, such as scratches.


Yes, but only as long as your breast milk has not yet reached us by post. After that, unfortunately, it's too late, as we immediately start preserving the milk.

Please send us your cancellation by email to: shop@milkyjewel.com.

We try to implement all your suggestions. Different materials, shapes, colors and even more can be used.

Please contact us and let us know what you'd like. We will then look at whether your ideas are feasible and discuss the cost for your jewelry.

We guarantee that we use 100% your own breast milk for your personalized jewelry. We want to create a personal and beautiful reminder of your time breastfeeding your child. This is very important to us and we can assure you that to the best of our knowledge and ability, we will fulfill this promise.

Roberta herself is still breastfeeding, and can empathize with your thoughts and feelings. Upon receiving the milk, it is transferred and the containers are labeled. Hair and umbilical cords are also labeled in the same way to leave no room for confusion.

We always try our best to implement your requests. Breast milk, hair, umbilical cord, etc. are all natural materials. There's nothing we can do to change this. It might be that, for example, we are unable to form the hair into the desired shape. This means we only have a few minutes to decide on an alternative because the hair, once soaked in resin, needs to be molded quickly. Unfortunately, it's impossible to know from the start if the hair can be shaped as requested.

We then work the hair in such a way that it looks aesthetically pleasing. Similarly, we cannot change the color of your breast milk. This can also mean that, for example, pearlescent shimmers may affect the tone and the color of the jewelry may look slightly different than desired. Please understand that unfortunately we cannot influence or predict this.

We work on your piece of jewelry for many hours by hand, with a lot of love and care. It will never be quite the same as the pictures, but we guarantee you that every piece of jewelry will be as close to the model as possible. Don't forget, your jewelry is unique, just like you.

Breast milk is never fully opaque white. When we insert hair, umbilical cord or other dark components into your jewelry, they often reflect through the milk. That's why pieces of jewelry with multiple brown components may look darker.

USA: You can deliver the milk yourself, but we won't be able to personally receive it every time. We have flexible office hours. But the mailbox is open at all times. It is possible to pick up your jewelry in Florida. Feel free to contact us, if you want to visit us.

GERMANY: You can deliver the milk yourself, but we won't be able to personally receive it. But the mailbox is open at all times. Unfortunately, it is not possible to pick up the jewelry.

General Questions

No, we don't offer that for the reason that we make breast milk jewelry that is meant to last forever and that you can pass on to your children. It took many years to make the jewelry so high quality and artistic. You can't learn that within a course or a video. With us you can be sure that the jewelry will be with you for a lifetime.

Each manufacturer of breast milk jewelry has a different technique to preserve breast milk. There are several possibilities. We have invested a lot of time and money in making sure that the milk in your jewelry stays beautiful. We are professionally equipped with high quality equipment in our studio. This includes various machines and chemical additives.

At Milkyjewel, we make breast milk jewelry that lasts forever. That is why in the long run you will find only silver and real gold jewelry. Gold plated jewelry will not look nice for a long time. Both the breast milk and the precious metal of your jewelry are made in such a way that you can wear it forever and bequeath it to your children.

Breast milk jewelry is exactly what it sounds like: Jewelry where the stone is made of preserved breast milk. We guarantee that your own breast milk is incorporated into your jewelry. Our founder Roberta is still breastfeeding herself and knows the importance of these jewelry pieces. We have developed a system where it is impossible that breast milk or other DNA can be mixed up.

In the case of low-quality materials or poor preservation of breast milk, the breast milk jewelry may turn yellow. Not with us! We only use high quality materials (e.g. resin) and preserve your breast milk 100%. With us you can be sure to have bought a durable piece of jewelry. That's why we recommend moms to ask exactly how the jewelry is made and how much experience the breast milk jewelry manufacturer has.

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