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Breast Milk Pearls: The Journey to Your Jewelry

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Unique in the world: A pearl made from breast milk

Pearls have been deeply symbolic for many cultures around the world for more than 7,000 years. In the Far East, for example, the pearl stands for happiness, wealth, wisdom and dignity; in India the pearl is a good luck charm for having many children. So it was obvious to turn your breast milk into a pearl as well. It's a symbol for the greatest happiness on earth. And, of course, it represents life and love.


The Breast Milk Pearl: Absolutely priceless

There are some beautiful things in life that money can't buy. This certainly includes breastfeeding. It fills you with happiness, life and trust. The breast milk pearl carries your DNA and it exudes a mysterious, magical beauty wherever you go.

Breast milk pearls with beautiful details

If you wish, Milkyjewel can embellish your breast milk pearl with personalized accents. Strands of hair twirled around the pearl can accentuate it especially beautifully. Glitter, flowers and even pieces of umbilical cord can be incorporated into the breast milk pearl to give it that extra magic. This way, mom and baby's DNA are forever entwined within the breast milk pearl.

The Way to Your Breast Milk Pearl

Breast milk is far too good to just keep in the freezer. So let's create a truly unique piece out of it, a breast milk pearl for example. You just have to provide your breast milk and your ideas and we are able to transform them with love and dedication into a pearl that has a very special kind of magic inside. More details about the process for ordering your breast milk pearl can be found here.

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