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"Milkyjew" becomes "Milkyjewel"

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The first blog post starts with a change:

"Milkyjew" becomes "Milkyjewel"

You might be wondering what prompted us to make this change. The name is similar and also longer. I'll try to explain our intentions and start at the very beginning.

While finding a proper brand name in the end of 2018, I was faced with the challenge of finding a name that is simple, preferably something internationally acceptable and understandable for everyone. I wanted people to know exactly what it was all about when they read it. It came to me in a flash, in the middle of the night when I was putting my daughter to bed. Milkjew! I was delighted and so "Milkyjew" was my brand name for over two and a half years. There's milk in it, and 'jew' is supposed to stand for jewelry.

One day an Irish friend called Chris pointed out that "jew" is more likely to be understood as Jew if you're unfamiliar with what it's about from the start. So as you might imagine, Milkyjew could mean more than one thing.
This has been bothering me for a long time. After all, I wanted people to know what it was all about right away. Someone who has no idea what breast milk jewelry is would wonder what this "milky Jew" could be. 
So we started to think about the best way to solve this problem.
A completely new name was also discussed, but eventually we dropped the idea. We were worried that no one would associate us with Milkyjew anymore with a completely new name. That would've been a huge shame, because we'd gained a certain popularity.
Eventually, it became clear to us that we should add to the name in such a way that it was still easy to tell that we were also Milkjew.
After careful consideration, "Milkyjewel" was born. 
Myself and the rest of the Milkyjewel team were in complete agreement.
The new name was quickly settled on. So the next step was to create a new logo. It had to be one that met all the criteria for a good logo. In short: timeless, modern and minimalist (as few details as possible). It also had to be easily recognizable and memorable. We quickly chose graphic designer, Ksenija Nagumanov, who lived close by in our hometown Öhringen. She took my ideas and created something amazing and professional. Thank you to her for that!
We're so glad that we've found a solution so quickly and easily, and that we can introduce the name at the same time as launching the new homepage. 
Now "Milkyjewel" will hopefully be with me for many years to come. 
The new logo also reflects exactly what it takes to make our jewelry. The drop of milk in our jewelry is a symbol of the intimate breastfeeding relationship between mother and child.

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Jetzt steht nichts mehr im Weg, international bekannt zu werden! Ich gönne es euch von Herzen! Das wird super!

Jetzt steht nichts mehr im Weg, international bekannt zu werden! Ich gönne es euch von Herzen! Das wird super!

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