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Preserving and using breast milk

It's so wonderful to preserve that feeling of happiness we get when breastfeeding.

Roberta, Owner

Preserving and using breast milk

I remember my time breastfeeding only too well. Slowly but surely, more and more breast milk was piling up in our freezer. So I started to think if we probably could preserve and use breast milk? On a sleepless night — you probably know that all too well as a new parent — the idea for Milkyjewel came into my mind. All at once, it was the most obvious idea in the world to me, to use breast milk to turn this valuable gift of life into jewelry. An unique jewel that carries your DNA.

Muttermilch konservieren und verwerten

Unique jewelry with your DNA

Gripped by this creative spirit, I immediately started researching and experimenting. How can breast milk be preserved, used and how best to turn it into a piece of jewelry? Two years and many, many hours of hand crafting later, I had created thousands of pieces of jewelry from breast milk and I had made many parents very happy. It is wonderful that we can preserve and use breast milk. All moms and dads can have an unique piece of jewelry that preserves the memories of an incomparably beautiful time, forever.

Preserving and creating with breast milk is what we love

Even today, being creative with breast milk makes me feel just as fulfilled as it did on day one. Of course, I also wear my own personal memories of my time breastfeeding in the form of jewelry. And it feels absolutely great that I have created something from breast milk that will last a lifetime. We are happy to implement your ideas at Milkyjewel. We can't wait to make a personalized piece of jewelry using your breast milk. By doing this we preserve something very valuable: your memories of the wonderful intimacy and the pure beauty of those moments spent breastfeeding that made your heart so joyful.

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