How can I order?

Order Instructions

1. Select Product

Take a look at the online shop and choose the pieces of jewelry that you'd like. You can select the inlay work directly on the product page. 

In addition to the main component, you can choose between other personal inlays. Whether hair, umbilical cord or placenta, everything that is important to you can be combined in one piece of jewelry.

We also offer you a lot of additional highlights for your piece of jewelry. You can choose between glitter, pearl shimmer, gold leaf, etc. to give your jewelry some highlights.

2. Additional Jewelry

Would you like to personalize your necklace even more or embellish it with extra pendants? In the shop, you have the option to select engraved jewelry.

You can find them under Engraved Jewelry.

Stacking rings or other pendants, such as Initials, Zodiac pendants and more can be found under Additional Jewelry.

3. Sending DNA

Send us your DNA, like breast milk, hair, umbilicial cord, etc. as we have described in our instructions below!

If you want a specific design for your jewelry, please send us a sketch with your DNA!

how do I pack my materials?

Packing Instructions

Breast Milk

  • Pour the breast milk into breast milk storage bags and seal well.
  • Approx. 20-30 ml milk for one or two pieces of jewelry, for three or more pieces of jewelry approx. 40-60 ml.
  • Please do not send bottles or other container types because they do not fit in the mailbox and often leaks out.
  • Pack the first breast milk bag in a second breast milk bag and seal that one well again.
  • Please label your bag
  • Pack the bag in a large bubble wrap lined envelope.
  • You could also send frozen milk, but the bags should be wrapped with paper towels so that the envelope doesn't get damp.

Hair strands

  • A small tuft of about 1-2 cm would be perfect, but this is not a must (we can conjure up something beautiful with any length of hair)
  • Symbols made of hair: Please send us hair that is not staged and is as long as possible.
  • Symbols look the cleanest with soft baby hair.
  • Please note: not every hair is suitable for making symbols. If the hair is very stiff, it is likely that we will have to make an alternative.
  • If a lot of hair is left over, we will send it back with the jewelry.
  • Pack the strands of hair, in a small bag, cling film or aluminum foil and label them.
  • Note: Please do not bend or fold your hair, otherwise we have to work it in with the kink!

Umbilicial cord

  • Let the fallen piece of your baby's umbilical cord dry well.
  • Cut off a piece of the dark part, about the size of a small fingernail.
  • Please note: if you send us only bright parts of the umbilical cord, they will be very bright in the jewelry and not strongly visible.
  • Please do not send us the whole umbilicial cord.
  • No matter how much of the umbilical cord remains, we will send the pieces back with your jewelry.
  • Pack the umbilical cord in a small bag, cling film or aluminum foil and label it.


  • Please send us dried flowers.
  • If you send us fresh flowers, they may wither in transit.
  • We need only 2 to 4 petals or 1 to 2 flowers, depending on how big they are.
  • We usually send back any flowers that we don't use.
  • Pack the Petals/Flowers in a small bag, cling film or aluminum foil and label them.


  • Pack a small amount (approx. 1 teaspoon) of the ashes in a small bag and seal it well so that the ashes remain in the bag.
  • We waste nothing of the precious ashes and treat them with dignity.
  • Generally, we send back any left over ashes, no matter how much.
  • Pack the bag with Ash in a second small bag, cling film or aluminum foil and label it.


  • Clean the tooth with water
  • We clean the tooth professionally as soon as it is with us and remove contamination.
  • Depending on how big the jewelry piece is, the tooth can be included as a whole.
  • If the tooth is too big for jewelry, we will crush it and incorporate fragments of it.
  • Pack the teeth in a small bag, cling film or aluminum foil and label it.

Pack and Label

1. Pack everything with the milk in the bubble wrap lined envelope, or in a regular envelope for orders without breast milk.

If you want a specific design for your jewelry, please send us a sketch with your DNA.

2. Send the envelope to our address in the confirmation mail.

Please do not send it in a parcel or as a registered letter with proof of delivery, because this may end up at the post office and then the milk may be stored for several days, worst case, unrefrigerated! If insured, then please only as registered mail without return receipt or priority shipping.

Important Note: You will get the adress in the confirmation mail. We have different addresses depending on where you live!

Silver and solid gold