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Jewelry Made From Breast Milk

Jewelry made from breast milk carries your DNA

Admittedly, it does sound a bit crazy to create jewelry out of breast milk. But don't we all yearn for something truly unique? For something there is only one of, in the whole world. Jewelry made from breast milk has your DNA in it — and we guarantee that it will be the only one that does.

Several thousands of liters of breast milk are stored in Germany's freezers. Let's take them out and create something precious with this gift from nature: breast milk jewelry that preserves the joy of breastfeeding forever. As well as your DNA, breast milk jewelry can also contain something very individual from your baby.

Schmuck aus Muttermilch

Breast milk jewelry made to your specifications

Over many years of research, trial and error, we at Milkyjewel have refined our method for making jewelry out of breast milk. That's why we can combine breast milk, hair, umbilical cord or flowers, for example to create one cohesive piece of art. We are guided entirely by your personal wishes and if it is feasible, we can do it. Soon, you will be able to hold your completely individual breast milk jewelry piece in your hands, or wear it around your neck.

The idea behind breast milk jewelry

At Milkyjewel, we are happy to gift you with a very special memory of a very special time: jewelry made out of breast milk pays tribute to breastfeeding. It was certainly not always the easiest time, but yet you would never want to miss out on the intimate feeling of breastfeeding, the unparalleled connection to your baby. Personally, I feel good, safe and secure when I wear my breast milk jewelry. As a chain, bracelet, pendant or earrings.

Breast milk jewelry is our hobby

Why choose us to make your completely individual breast milk jewelry? That's easy. Milkyjewel was founded in 2018/2019 and during this time we have already created several thousand pieces of jewelry, handcrafted with love and attention to detail. That's how we were able to perfect our method of making jewelry out of breast milk. If you place your trust and your ideas in our hands, we will create a small piece of art for you — jewelry made of breast milk with your DNA inside.

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