About Milkyjewel

Welcome to Milkyjewel

I'm Roberta!

The founder of Milkyjewel and also the mother of two amazing children. I had a wonderful time breastfeeding my daughter. That's why I really wanted to capture this time and turn it into a special reminder. Breast milk was piling up in the freezer, and I started to experiment. Finally, in a sleepless night, I got the idea for "Milkyjewel".

Breastfeeding is about more than just feeding a baby. My daughter and I were able to enjoy this intimate, special time together for almost two and a half years. I will never forget these moments with her and I am incredibly grateful that our breastfeeding went so smoothly. I'm currently avidly enjoying breastfeeding my son and I look forward to another few years of unforgettable time with him.

Our Vision

What is so special about Milkyjewel?

We work diligently and with love on the keepsakes that you send us. Each and every hair is handled delicately for as long as it takes for it to look aesthetically beautiful in your jewelry. We guarantee you many beautiful moments and memories with your new jewel.

We want to create a very special reminder of the most intimate time spent with your baby with your breast milk jewelry. When you wear it, you should feel happy and secure. The beautiful moments that you had together should float through your mind. Even if it wasn't the easiest time, you're safe in that knowledge that you wanted the best for your baby and your breast milk jewelry should remind you of this all the time.

Roberta founded Milkyjewel in Germany in 2018 after the birth of her first daughter. We have created several thousand pieces of jewelry in recent years and we've perfected our method. Now located in Florida, USA, we look forward to creating memories for the world.

If you place your trust in us, you will have an unrivalled unique piece of jewelry in your hands.

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Silver and solid gold