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Capture the Essence of Motherhood:

Turn your Liquid Gold into a stunning piece of Jewelry

Breast milk ring, breast milk jewelry Breast milk ring, breast milk jewelry
Breast Milk Ring "Rising Sun" milkyjewel
Breast Milk Ring "Rising Sun"
Sale priceFrom €345,95
Breast Milk Ring "Endless Love" milkyjewel
Breast Milk Ring "Endless Love"
Sale priceFrom €176,95
Breast Milk Ring "Sweet Dreams" milkyjewel
Breast Milk Ring "Sweet Dreams"
Sale priceFrom €176,95

Our Principles

♡ TRUST - As nursing mother, our founder Roberta knows the importance and deep significance that our breastmilk jewelry embodies, and this recognition defines and drives the way we shape our business.

♡ MEMORIES - A time that mothers will never forget. The time of the newborn phase. Our breast milk jewelry preserves this beautiful time and lets us reminisce whenever we want.

♡ FAMILY - Family is everything, it is the most important support in life. We do not forget your family, we love to incorporate the DNA of your family in our jewelry or have it immortalized in an engraving.

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Silver and Solid Gold