Sarah Engels, Muttermilchschmuck für Sarah Engels, Solea Engels

Singer and actress from Germany

Sarah Engels

In collaboration with the goldsmiths Goldschmiede Hofmann from Heilbronn, we created unique pieces of jewelry for the singer known from "Germany searches the Superstar".

The german Goldsmiths Hofmann represent high-quality and perfectly crafted jewelry, created traditionally by hand.

The unique pieces were developed in close collaboration with Sarah. She shared her vision with us and we used it to create the jewelry for her. It all started with a sketch...

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What we made for her

Breast Milk Jewelry

Breast Milk Bracelet "Sarah"

The "Sarah" bracelet was created based on Sarah's ideas. She wanted an engraving plate that could be rotated so that she could immortalize both of her children with the time of birth on the front and back.

Breast Milk Necklace "Sarah"

A high-quality yellow gold chain is adorned with an 8 mm breast milk pearl and a personalized engraving plate featuring a sun. Her daughters name "Solea" has the beautiful meaning "sun".

Breast Milk Bracelet "Solea"

A breast milk bracelet for her daughter with the name of her little sunshine, Solea Liana. The bracelet is adorned with a small 6 mm breast milk pearl and a small engraving plate with a sun on it.

Engraving Nacklace "Alessio"

As with Sarah's bracelet, the engraving plate on the "Alessio" pendant can be rotated. The time of birth of her son, Alessio, is engraved on the front. There is a quote on the back that will accompany him as he makes his way through life.

Silver and solid gold